Ooharr Dead Sea Cooler face mask review

All those times using facemasks has made me rather complacent about reading the instructions, for some time now I have been slap it on and start reading a book kind of facemasker but to review the Dead Sea Cooler mask properly I took the time to read all the instructions:


Book Review: Write, Inspire, Create

L is 5 but passionate about writing stories and absolutely loves it, if however you are trying to ignite a passion not yet shown then 7 would probably be a better age, but this book has no upper age, any aspiring writing would benefit from the activities in this gorgeous book

As Old As Time, A Twisted Tale, Book Review

More, that would be the best way to describe this story, you find yourself wondering how you never asked the questions this book answers, as you read it fills holes you never noticed were there.

My First Book Review: Finding Dory

This is my first ever book review, I am equal parts nervous and excited, I have been trying to challenge myself to write more, my blog has as ever been neglected for a few months again, writing is definitely and up and down with me, I have so much to say and love to compose…

Boobalou – Review

Boobalou is an online eco shop, it sells such a wide range of things from reusable nappies to plastic free hair brushes and everything eco you could need really, my latest order from them was for a nappy wrap, large wet bag deodorants and shampoo bars and I am super happy with them all, this…