My First Book Review: Finding Dory


This is my first ever book review, I am equal parts nervous and excited, I have been trying to challenge myself to write more, my blog has as ever been neglected for a few months again, writing is definitely and up and down with me, I have so much to say and love to compose post about everything and love even more writing my novel, but and here is the sticking point, being dyslexic it is hard, very very hard to get my ideas out in a linear form and onto the page or screen, I have tried speech to text, hand written and typed and all work kind of but it drains me a lot, but I will never let my dyslexia, what stupid word for people who can’t spell! stop me flat-out from writing and I love reading and enthusing about books so when I came across Parragon Book Buddies and Parragon’s Blind Date With A Book I signed up immediately, book buddies is about reading books with your children, total win in our household, my youngest in particular is a complete book-worm, 2.5 years old and will spend ages sitting in his book corner look at all his books or very adamantly pass you a book and lead you to the sofa to read it to him, I never need to worry about not making time to read to him, he makes the time himself.

I was very luck that not long after signing up to book buddies I got accepted to review Finding Dory, it arrived absolutely gorgeously packaged and my boys got very very excited at opening the present of our new book.20161028_110104we started reading it straight away but it took us a long time to finish as it was out first none picture book and our first book with chapters, nice little side conversation with my eldest about what the numbers were and what the little pictures of seaweed were, we have a lot of side conversation with every activity we do, as a home ed family most of our learning is based on the questions my, almost 5, year old asks while we go about our day, everything takes 3x the time but he learns so much and at exactly the pace he needs to.

one of the lovely things about this being a book of the film (we watch the film after we finished the book) was that our conversations about forming the pictures in your mind as you read the words was a tough one to fully understand while we read the book but when they watched the film, L (our eldest) in particular got very excited about seeing the pictures we had talks about and seemed to have a bit of a light bulb moment which was amazing to watch.

Its not true to say this has no pictures it in fact does have 16 lovely colour stills from the film with captions underneath, but this is actually my only negative about the book, these are placed in the middle of the book all together instead of at the relevant times during the book, so the first ones happened, by children’s standards, ages ago, and the last ones are of parts of the story we had not read yet so it caused some confusion. I presume this was for ease of printing so they could be glossy colour pictures but I think it would have been so much better to have a black and white picture in the correct place in the story, no glossy pages just simple line drawings would have been perfect.

The story line prompted so many conversations with L, from words or phrases he had never come across before, such as “Under Tow” thank you google for your ever-present help with home education, to recycling, littering and its impact on the environment and lots of discussions of different marine life. and even more discusions of feelings and some perplexed looks as we tried to discuss memory loss, not sure if that one sunk in, think we will re visit it again next time we read the book. I absolutely love how thought-provoking this book proved for L, nothing to heavy for him to handle even at just coming up for 5 but still touching on a lot of important issues, concepts and emotions.

Now for some fact type bits, the ISBN of this book if your off to buy it is: 978-1-4748-3639-5  and the back cover says it is £5.99 it is published by Parragon Books ltd (2016) and copyright 2016 to Disney/Pixar.

We loved this book and will enjoy reading it again and again and I hope that L will enjoy reading it to himself when his reading gets to that stage (we are on learning to read books with only a few words at present so it will be a while, but if his love of marine life sticks I am sure he will love reading it int he future).

I would love any feedback on this review, but please be gentil.
I will start writing my Alternative Advent Calendar posts soon, the boys have been so enjoying their advent treasure hunts each day and L has made them even better this year, I will tell you all about his improvement soon.


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  1. Fiona says:

    Yay, she’s back!! Missed your posts and loved this one 🤗🤗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tanzilc says:

      Thank you Fiona, I am planning on writing either here or my novel every evening that I am not training, so lots more posts in the future x


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