LunaChick Review

I recently placed an order with LunaChick via her Facebook page I found her page off a giveaway she ran a while ago (sadly I did not win it) and when she offered 10% off during Real Nappy Week I decided to give her a try.

I had seen some lovely wrap scarp pads she had made in my news feed and really thought I would end up ordering one of them but when I contacted her with some questions (aka unrealistic wish list I had for fabric and items not on her page) she sauced some amazing fabric for me (pink camo and blue camo) also she changed the way she normally makes wipes, making them instead oblong and adding poppers so they became family cloth (she even added a cloth tube in place of the cardboard on a normal toilet roll), so customer service totally top-notch, this all meant I could place one large order with her and get free postage instead of having to buy all my items from different sellers and pay multiple postage fees.

The quality of her work is super, I was worried at first when I sore the breast pads as they looked the same as some I got that I thought were to big for me as they bunch up, but hers are sewn so well they sit perfectly and or sooo very comfy as are the cloth pads I ordered.

The dribble pads for my Beco baby carrier fit perfectly and as per my requests she has made one end scooped to cover the buckle as that is where my little (not so little these days) likes to chew and drool!

I am already trying to justify another big order to get free postage again, but if I can’t come up with an excuse for lots more I will¬†definitely be getting some more cloth pads and another role of family cloth.

My writing skills are such that I am probably not doing LunaChick justice, I really can not recommend her enough.


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