Boobalou – Review


Boobalou is an online eco shop, it sells such a wide range of things from reusable nappies to plastic free hair brushes and everything eco you could need really, my latest order from them was for a nappy wrap, large wet bag deodorants and shampoo bars and I am super happy with them all, this is I think my third order from Boobalou and even though I have had a problem with a couple of products, poorly made family cloth, their customer service has been so amazing it has not stopped me wanting to shop with them again and again, I am already planning my next order. it is brilliant being able to buy so many different products from them as the eco friendliness of an item is rather diminished if you have to mail order for just say one box of compostable cotton buds, but if you are buying your toothpaste, shampoo bar, deodorant, cotton buds and a few more long-standing reusable items such as a menstrual cup or cloth nappy, then not only does them eco impact of your parcel become less per item but you can also get free shipping on orders over £35, I would love the free shipping to kick in a bit lower but then I would probably just end up spending more as I would order more often!

There are a few things I can think of it would be great if they started stocking to make them an even more eco super store, for instance soap nuts and bubble bath, but they have the most comprehensive product range of any store of their kind that I have found and I would 100% recommend checking them out.


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