As Old As Time, A Twisted Tale, Book Review


What better post could you receive than a free book to review? That is what I was lucky enough to recieve from Parragon Books.


I had no idea what this book was before opening the parcel, all I knew was it was an old story with a twist. When I sore that it was a re-telling of Beauty and the Beast I was excited and at the same time a little nervous, I have in recent years seen some beloved films re made and my poor husband has heard many a rant over poor remakes that have lost so much of the reason they were great the first time round.

Far from loosing anything, it feels like this is the original and the version we have loved all these years is the short, abridged version for children.


More, that would be the best way to describe this story, you find yourself wondering how you never asked the questions this book answers, as you read it fills holes you never noticed were there.


This is definitely what I would call a “Cold bath book” your so desperate to read on that you don’t notice that your bath has gone cold untill you start to shiver and then you run the hot tap in a vain attempt to eek out a few more minutes of reading time before you have to succumb to the truth that you must stop reading and get out of your now stone cold bath.

This is the third in a series by Liz Braswell, not an author I had read before but one I will now be following for more wonderful reads. The other two in this series are: A Whole New World and Once Upon A Dream, re tellings of Aladdin and Sleeping Beauty, the originals of these two stories never captivated me as much as Beauty and the Beast but after reading As Old As Time and loving it so much I will definitely be buying the other two to find out what Liz has brought to them.




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