Taking the other road

I have just finished writing the next 2 pages of my novel “Faith, Hope and Magic” with my new “sliding doors” moment, I had planed to re-write the last page I wrote but instead have tried to translate the “trousers of time” clarity I had the other day with it into the story itself, I feel that it will be a section that gets a lot of tweaks and re-writing over the coming months but I am happy with it as a first draft:wp-1484693443274.jpg

They fell into step and walked back to Faiths pod, at the door just as she was saying something about meeting up for the results after grabbing a shower, he kissed her, not the awkward peck on the cheek he gave her each birthday to say thank you for his present, but a long, lingering kiss on the lips, cradling her face in his hands.

Moments later he was walking, trying not to run, away from her, calling over his shoulder

“I’ll see you in an hour on the transport”

Now or never, over and over in his head, now or never, the whole walk from the park back to her pod, not a single word of what she was saying could he hear over his own thoughts of, now or never. Well he had picked now. She had not pushed him away, she had kissed him back, ok not a frenzied passionate embrace that resulted with their cloths strung all over her tidy little pod, but she had kissed him back, and then he had run, run like the coward he had been all these years.

Standing under the lukewarm shower, Bobbie tried to think what he would say to Faith when she got on the transport and sat next to him in just under an hour, should I mention the kiss, apologize? Just pretend it never happened, if today was their last day together than it would be like, it had never happened, if he had managed to pass, sometimes he thought he had done well enough to scrape though, well then he would have his whole life to feel awkward about that kiss, his whole life to kiss her again, if of course it had not been shock that had made her kiss him back.

Time was playing cruel tricks, somehow it was going so fast he felt sick that it was all going to be over soon but simultaneously going so slow he thought he would pull his hair out waiting for the transport, sitting on the marble white bench, the bright cheerful sun shine and bird song seeming to mock his agitated state, just once he would like a dull day, remembering his history lessons, rain, that was what today should have, rain and grey skies.


Standing at her door, Faith puts her hand tentatively on Bobbies arm

“Are you ok Bobbie?”

He shakes his head as if clearing a fog and smiles at her.

That smile, so warm, so familiar but not quite, not the smile of the boy she grew up with, something more.

As she stared back into those, once again sparkling blue eyes, he gently strokes a wayward hair from her face and with his strong hand cupping the back of her neck moves his face to hers and they kiss.

At first she responds timidly, caught off guard but has his other hand finds the small of her back, for the first time every she lets go, lets go of thoughts of workforce training, of exam results, lets go of her pain and loneliness, lets go of running forward, nothing matters but this moment, this feeling, nothing exists but her and Bobbie.

Faith takes a step backwards, pulling Bobbie with her, into her private pod, away from the world.


Bobbie lay with his eyes closed, the warmth of Faiths body curled up against his reassuring him that the daydream had been the cold shower after a brief kiss and the reality had been so much more.


The lights flashed and faith opened her eyes, smiled as she stretch, lifting her head of Bobbies chest wear she had fallen asleep and kissing him.

“Oh hell, the lights, the transport”

Faith jumped up off the bed and started rummaging through her draws looking for a fresh jump suit and underwear

“Do you want a shower Bobbie? I don’t have a jumpsuit that will fit you”

Shaking his cloths to try and get the creases out.

His arms wrap round her and the tension slips away again

“We could share the shower” he says

Ducking down as she half forcefully and half playfully throws his cloths at him

“Now is not the time, get dressed Bobbie, or we will miss the transport”

The transport arrived just as they ran up to the platform, neither of them having had time to shower in the end.

Her hair in a far less than perfect bun, Faith reaches across and slips her hand in Bobbies, he gives it a squeeze and the sit in comfortable silence as the transport pulls away.

The transport stops, the doors open, Faith looks down as she feels Bobbies hand let go of hers, they stand side by side but no longer touching, waiting for their turn to get off.

Friends all around, wishing them luck, wishing each other luck, organising to meet up later for a meal together to see how they all did and what assignments the got.

All of a sudden all the stress that had so blissfully slipped away only a few hours away, was back, worse than before, because she had so much more to lose now, hand on heart if she had to choose between Bobbie and her dreams right now, Faith had no idea what choice she would make.


Loving this Dairy free/vegan chocolate that most definitely helped me write these last two pages, who could write without chocolate.

I would love to know what you think of this day-dream part of the story, it is by far the hardest concept I have every challenged my dyslexic brain to write.




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