Not as Dairy Free as I thought

I have considered myself basically dairy free since about half way through my last pregnancy, my asthma had become terrible, I was taking my inhalers more than I ever had in my life and was even waking in the night having asthma attacks, my asthma up to this point was fairly mild and usually only triggered by exertion.

Oat milk latte, my drink of choice for the last 3 years, yummy

so I took to the internet and googled the hell out of it, after any hippy cure I could find, and stumbled across an article that was saying the a hidden dairy allergy could cause asthma, normally I would be sceptical of random article online and double-check sources and probably still take it with a pinch of salt, but I was desperate and it said cut it out for a week to see if it would help your asthma, so I did and wow wow wow, it made so much difference, I got through the rest of my pregnancy fine and have been dairy free since.


or so I thought, I decided on the last few days of december that starting Jan the 1st I would go completely dairy free, no more odd cups of tea with normal milk round the in-laws or when out, no more buying the occasional piece of cheese as a rare treat (I do miss cheese) and reading labels to make sure there was no dairy in any pre made food, I really did not think this would be such a big change, after all I was basically dairy free and only had it on the odd day.

Off to find dairy free lemon cured, if that’s a real thing

How wrong I was, I was having dairy every single day by the looks of it, went to eat a bread stick left over from boxing day buffet, contains milk, mince pies milk again ok so these surprised me but still not a daily food for me, but then I find my lemon cured and chick soup both have milk in them 😦


So this is day to of totally no dairy and I am hoping that I will start to feel the full benefits of it a week or two, I will keep you posted.

Ooh I do now have a liking of black coffee so that now sorts the in20170101_102806 laws visits and out and about.





Less Waste update, well one snack that thankfully my dairy free diet has not pinched from me may sadly fall due to my less waste goal, my favourite crisps from Eat Real do not come in a recyclable bag and I eat a lot of them so that’s actually quite a bit of my bins

space (yes I really like them a lot!) so I have posted to their Facebook page asking if they can make their packaging recyclable, if any of you could spare a few seconds to comment

on my post or write one of your own and see if we can get enough people asking that they take it seriously, that would be amazing, companies will only put effort into making the change if enough people pester them to do it, how awesome would it be if we could get them to make this change and not just for my evening snacking but they must sell thousands of these packs each week (They are gorgeous they may sell thousands a day for all I know) and if not it will be a wholesale bag of Bombay mix for me from now (not all in one night I might add).



2 Comments Add yours

  1. pinkiebag says:

    Hi, it’s surprising what foods contain milk, sometimes it’s the least expected items. I also love Enjoy Eat Real and they have great flavours, Chloe

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tanzi says:

    I just checked steak crisps (different brand) and they have milk, why would steak crisps need milk? It seems that they just pop it in everywhere!


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