Zero Waste = Scary, LESS waste = Totally doable

I love the Zero Waste movement and think it is amazing that there are people achieving so much for the environment, but I doubt that I am alone in feeling rather overwhelmed by the very idea of ZERO waste and sometimes the all or nothing part of our brains kick in and unfortunately it’s not the Zero Waste that wins but the no action, so lets put zero waste aside for a min (probably more like years at the moment) and say instead “I am going to waste LESS” less is a great word, less is so achievable, there are so many ways we could waste less, less is inclusive, less is accepting, less is out friend.

My plan to waste less is simple, each time I through something in the bin instead of the recycling then I will take a few seconds (it wont even take 5 mins) to think could I buy the same product with less packaging or recyclable packaging? could I buy different product next time?


If no more eco packaged product is available to me, can I do without it?

If it’s still a no, then I will take a photo and jump on the companies social media and if you will support me a blog post here as well and try to get the company to change THIER packaging to be less wasteful, most companies will be unlikely to change just because of my tweet or even blog post, but if anyone else takes up the cry with me then maybe just maybe we could get some companies to change, if the wasted LESS, well thar really would be huge.

I am sure there will be items that none of the above works for and that is why this blog is called The Best Life I Can Lead and not Perfection, there will be things that I am not ready to ditch for a Zero Waste life but I sure can have a LESS waste life.

One way I had a less waste Christmas was not buying a single piece/roll/sheet of wrapping paper, not one.

I upcylced, in part with my children but they bailed towards the end, all the brown paper packaging from Amazon deliveries, into home-made wrapping paper and as that would have been a bit of a giveaway for Father Christmas, used an old roll of wrapping paper I had from a birthday a few years ago for Father Christmases presents.

This was once the kids hade bailed during the day and I was making it myself after they went to bed!

The boys had loads of fun with paints and water play afterwards cleaning the brushes and then it was all recycled afterwards, no worries about none recyclable shiny paper, no cost and awesome home-made wrapping paper.

For our eldests birthday (Today!) I made bat wrapping paper with a stencil, he loved it and it used up all the brown paper his presents came packed with (yes I shop on amazon for presents, winter and real shops is not fun, yikes the crowds!)20161230_180628

I hope never to buy wrapping paper again (am thinking up ideas for father christmas for next year, he may come to an arrangement with Mummy to use special Christmas fabric each year or I may do a homemade wrapping paper swap with a friend, open to other ideas so please leave me a comment)

Less is definitely more when it comes to being more eco.


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  1. A Little Slice of Clementine says:

    I completely agree, it’s scary to go zero waste! I am currently just trying to reduce the amount of waste that I create, because I can’t compost or recycle at my current university, so I’m stuck with just trying to reduce the overall trash that I create. Good luck with your journey!

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    1. Tanzi says:

      It’s hard when your limited by your surroundings, well done for trying to reduce waste the best you can while at university, do you think the uni might start a recycling program if you got some students together to ask them?


      1. A Little Slice of Clementine says:

        I’m not sure, but I’m transferring to a different university to study environmental science and they have a much better recycling and composting program.

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      2. Tanzi says:

        Oh wow that sounds like it will be a realy interesting course, I would love to hear about it when you start.

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  2. ‘Zero Waste’ is pretty much impossible in the UK anyway since we don’t have many package free or bulk shops! Less waste is so much more friendly sounding and hopefully a wording that can help more people reduce their waste 🙂

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