Christmas Prep & Writing

December has in the past meant a drastic increase in my writing as I have blogged about my Alternative Advent Calendar with my boys, this year however I have not found the time or energy to write a single post about it, I have made it as far as taking a couple of photos and started writing one or two posts in my head (If only my computer could pick up on my thoughts, I would have my novel written by now).20161208_153013

The boys are loving the alternative advent calendar treasure hunt each day and L has actually made it better this year, as he asked on the first day for clues (he has been watching The Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That and they had a treasure hunt with clues) so from Dec the 2nd we have had clues, post it notes stuck round the flat with numbers on them and letters on the back and once put in order the spell out (phonics words) the place the treasure is hidden orΒ  clue to it, such as “Sit” or “Box”, I have also moved away from a note in each bag with the activity for the day as both were too keen to check out the present than look at the notes, so the activity is now written on the chalk board (as many phonics words as possible) so L can read it for them both.

These two tweaks have meant L has read more than he ever has before and is feeling very confident that his reading is getting stronger each day.

It is super hard to come up with hiding places that you can use phonics words to hint at!

I think my favourite Christmas activity so far this advent has been making wrapping paper, we did this on two days, so the first day D used red and L used green paint on all the Amazon packaging brown paper and the next D used gold and L used silver paint to festive it up, the result was awesome, but after wrapping a few presents for friends today it became very apparent that we need lots more paper than a 2 and 5-year-old will want to do an activity for so the first part of this evening for me was spent stamping purple stars on to a big roll of the upcycle paper and tomorrow I will let the boys loose with the silver paint to finish it off and will see if I can get them to make another batch themselves as well, I am not buying any wrapping paper this year at all.

(The pain of dyslexia, red lines used to hurt me but now they roll on by, I can happily skip through each one and change the word to the correct spelling offered in the list, thank you technology and years of building my self-worth, but when spell check can not give me a suggestion and I try again and still no sugestion, and again and again, and then start looping round as my brain really has no other idea of how to spell the blasted word, it still knocks me flat, I managed in the end it finally get the sugestion I needed, how on earth I can read it perfectly but not in the slightest spell it I will never fully understand! and smile, I did it and will not let my dyslexia stop me from writing)


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