Better late than never to the Homemade stock party

So I am rather late to this party, it’s always intimidated me, the idea of making my own stock from the chicken carcass, I think a certain amount of it was thinking I would muck it up because the boys would distract me and with homeschooling and a business time was a huge obstacle.
Then the other day I had a lightbulb moment.
“Surely I can make it in the slow cooker”
Quick SwagBucks search later….
(why should Google get add revenue when swag bucks will give me gift vouchers/PayPal money instead, my referral code if anyone wants to check it out I promise to be super thankful of the extra vouchers)
Slow cooker chick stock recipes galore, how had I never thought of this before, trying not to think of the waistfull past, I made my first bone broth, it was easy but called for a lot of veg going in that would then get tossed (Into the Bokashi bin, but still) I was ok with the onion, garlic and a couple of small and starting to go limp carrots but did think this would be a waist to out more and not eat them if anything else was added.
I made my second attempt last night and this time only had onion and garlic to put in.


Then this morning our organic fruit & veg box arrived and the carrots had the tops still on, a lot of tops! Back to my SwagBucks search for uses for carrot tops and a few articles later and I find genius ideas to freeze them and add them to chicken stock when making it, and not just them but radish tops and seen as hubby peels the carrots even though their organic we will now be freezing them, and potato peels and basically all the veg trimmings.


Very happy reducing waist mummy over here, however late to the party I am!
Consider this your open invitation to join the party unless you’re already well ensconced, in which case please give me a wave, show me around and introduce me to all the fabulous and interesting people at the party.


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