Officially not registered for school!


So awesome that today was the cut off date for applications for primary school for our eldest, as it was also the smoothest day for Homeschooling or just my boys in general,ever.
Two boys under 5 with very different needs and abilities generally means someone gets upset or bored at some point during the day and my plans go of course or abandoned completely, but not today…

All plans happened exactly as planned, an utter first, the more sit and need to concentrate stuff happened while youngest slept and eldest was super proud to learn to read two new words and got through loads of stuff, spelling, reading, handwriting, art, crafts/modeling, learning about opposites, before end of nap time.

Then unplanned play dough all together became a spelling, signing and nature lesson oh and even a maths lesson on fractions and vocab prompting for youngest as well.

We normally have fun and I love how we spend our time but today was just amazing especially as we are all ill.
I am so excited to be homeschooling my boys let’s see what tomorrow brings….


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  1. We are officially not registered for school too! It’s nice to see that deadline come and go while others are frantically worried about which school they will get their kids in to. Also nice when you read stories in the paper about how crowded primary schools are and how hard it is for some people to get a place anywhere and think you don’t have to go through that hassle.

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    1. tanzilc says:

      I know, all that stress getting them in and then the school runs, parking up half hour or more before they get out because otherwise you can’t get a place (I know people who do this!) Madness and not what I want for me and my boys.
      When did you decide to homeschool?


      1. After the summer: my oldest had been in pre-school since January but never really wanted to go or part from me, though she did like it otherwise, but we had tears and screaming for months which made me feel awful. Once summer came and she was happy without the stress of pre-school looming I started looking up stuff online and it suddenly all made sense to me! How about you?

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      2. tanzilc says:

        I have actually planned to home educate from before I had children, from when I was a teen. I was home educated until I was 13 and even though I plan on doing things very differently to my parents, I have always planned to home educate until secondary school, If we lived in a country that had a high age for starting school I would most likely send from the beginning, but its just too many years in a classroom and too early to be away from their families. How are you finding homeschooling so far?


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