Alternative Advent Calendar: An exercise a day day 3

Firstly I have decided not to blog about my other two alternative calendars, I will be keeping them going, Christmas prep needs doing and the boys absolutely love the treasure hunt and the new book each day, but I am Finding it hard to write one post with all three in it, I keep forgetting bits I wanted to put in and I definitely don’t have time too write three separate posts!
So to hopefully improve my writing I am going to focus on my Exercise A Day Alternative Advent Calendar, its the one that without my blog I would probably let slip after 4 days and also the one that I hope will inspire at least one person to try some of the exercises.
Wednesday was Plank day and after finding out it only burnt 5 calories, just 5 calories, I said I would do cardio on any day the exercise was more strength and toning than fat burning and would work out till I made it to 400 calories, this left me 395 to go

“No problem I’ll jump on the cross trainer”

“Oh wait the Christmas tree lights are using the extension lead for the cross trainer”

So I did some kettle bells, ouch that is hard work and still not enough, then on to yoga DVD, still not quite there, some jumping on the trampet and finally…..


It to me sooo long


Well actually not much more than my Exercise of the Day for Thursday 3rd December, but I find exercising on my own hard going, were as in my hour long Areal Hoop class, very awesome exercise of the day, I burnt 450 calories and loved every minute




I started Areal Hoop a few weeks ago and love it so much, its super hard work and you get loads of bruises, I’m sure tomorrow my hip will have a big blue bruise as this was my first time learning this move, but its so so so much fun it shocks me each time when they say its time to cool down, the hour just flies by.
Tomorrow, Friday the 4th, the exercise for the day will be push ups, and hopefully the new extension cable will have arrived so I can use the cross trainer whilst watching TV to get the remainder of the 400 calories as I am pretty sure that I can’t burn 400 calories doing push ups, but I’m going to give it my best.

So far we have had:
Pole dancing class
Areal hoop class

Push ups

Please pop any ideas of other exercises I could try over advent, I’ll do my best to give them each a go.


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