Alternative Advent Calendar 2nd December


Today’s advent hunt for the boys was for wooden playfood I bought yesterday while out with the boys and my Mum


We had a lovely time (not without the odd stressful moment but think that’s a given really), but wow my boys are too old to go shopping with anymore! D wanted every balloon we sore and really could not understand why he could not have them, poor little man, and L kept asking for the biggest and most expensive toys and definitely did not get on board with the don’t touch idea! L was very happy with wooden play food orange juice carton once we got home and made everyone lots of drinks with it, but was rather disappointed while in the shop that we where not buying him the £60 massive missile launcher Nurf style gun!
L was so excited for advent this morning he found the bags before D and I were in the room but left them till we were ready and then re found them with us.

Today's advent book

Today’s activity for the boys was again not actually very Christmasy as it was to visit their other grandparents (hubbies side) but as we are there most of the day it would have been stressful instead of fun to do a Christmas craft activity as well.
The boys had loads of fun at their grandparents until D started to flake out after lunch and then we came home for his nap, L and I started his new Alphablocks (awesome, but more about them in the homeschooling posts I’ve planned for after Christmas).
Today’s Christmas prep advent is cutting out a pattern I’m trying to make as possible Christmas presents (I can’t say what it is as my sister may read this and may be getting it as a present!).
And today’s exercise advent is the Plank, I’m aiming for min 30sec and will let you know how I got on, please do comment with how many seconds you managed.


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  1. fionajane77 says:

    Yes she is reading it and am very excited for my possible present!! Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. tanzilc says:

      Are you joining me for my exercise a day advent Fiona? How long did you do the Plank for? xx


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