Advent day 2 update and realisation (5 calories! Really?)


Very happy to report I doubled my target of 30 seconds Plank, yay for me!


The Plank is definitely and exercise I need to do to build my code strength, I am loving being back at pole dancing classes, but have realised that my core strength is shot after time off whilst pregnant with D and also after the strain of being pregnant itself, not kind to those stomach muscles at all.
However, and this is a big however…



5 calories burnt! Really? So great strength exercise, but not really going to help me shift the 10lbs I want to drop, not even a little bit, because of this realisation I am going to add a cardio session on to any day were my “Exercise a Day” advent does not burn 400 calories.
Busy even I’ve got planned:
Christmas prep – Make trial run of possible Christmas present
Cardio session – Burn 395 calories
Work – Pack up December’s My Days Pamper Boxes (Must write a post about my business soon, oops bit behind on that, but in the meantime do pop over and check it out


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