Alternative Advent calendar 1st December


My finished Advent bags for the boys and my non alcoholic mulled wine in the background (still Breastfeeding D so none of the real stuff for me again this year).
The 1st of December snuck up on me so the boys are having an edible treat today, a pack of Goodies alphabet biscuits each, as I have L’s non edible gifts but not D’s yet.
They are going to be super excited when they find out the activity for the day…..
Grandma is visiting!
My Mum lives a couple of hours drive away so they don’t get to see her every week and absolutely love her so much.
Hubby and I, OK mainly hubby, put up the Christmas tree before bed so its up and magical for the boys on the first of December for the start of advent.


I have always Sean the 1st of December as the start of the festive season and all things Christmas are now embraced in our house, brings on the songs and smells of winter.
L has been insistent every time Christmas has been mentioned, that the tree has a star, if you ask him what happens at Christmas he says, Tree, star and presents, so our settle star has been replaced with the very glittery red one that he can’t help but see the second he walks in the room.


The boys are also have a book a day for advent, I was going to do one each but have decided it will be nicer to have one together and all curl up on the sofa and read it together (The book is in the bag)


My Christmas Prep Alternative Advent Calendar for tomorrow is to buy the last few books I need and D’s calendar presents while we are out shopping with my Mum.
My Exercise A Day Alternative Advent Calendar for today is Pole Dancing Class, I’ve recently started back post D being born and I love it. If you are wanting to join me in the exercise a day advent and pole dancing is not an option (or on any day you can’t do the same as me) you could go for squats or sit ups, depending on which area you want to tone the most (or any other exercise you fancy that day, but please make sure you exercise safe and if you need to speak to your Dr first)
As ever any comments with exercise and children Christmas activities are more than welcome xx


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