Alternative advent calendar 2015 preparation begins

I had always planned on making a traditional Advent calendar for my children, before I was even pregnant with our first little boy.
Well last year life got in the way and I had not made one in time for Christmas, L was 2 years old (coming up for 3) and it was our first year we were introducing him to the idea of an advent calendar so I decided to do an advent hunt instead, a wrapped up toilet roll tube with a present or food treat in it and details of that days advent activity


This was meant to be a stop gap until this year when o would make a proper one to hang up with the traditional pocket for each day, but L loved it so very much that I have decided that it is our family tradition, an advent hunt with a little goodie and an activity.
So this evening I have been making the little advent bags, that I’ve been planning on making all year, oops that would be life getting in the way of plans again.


I adapted a pattern from a lovely book I recently bought, “See Useful” by Debbie Shore, it has clear instructions and some nice looking ideas, I can’t comment much more than this as this is my first attempt using a pattern from it.


At just gone midnight I finished two little bags, well almost finished, they need the ribbon drawstring added but I need to buy the ribbon tomorrow for this


So I am (almost) all set for the boys alternative advent, couple of pieces of ribbon and lots of activities (open to suggestions, please comment with some, please!), I hope you will join me for our advent, I will post daily through out December about the boys advent, my “Christmas prep advent” and my “exercise a day advent”.
Thank you for reading xx


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