Making jam tarts with toddler tomorrow


My writing warm up blog post today was going to be about upcycling packaging from amazon (ludicrous amounts for the tinniest item so plenty of materials to play with) into toddler art wrapping paper and underwater scenes, but whilst search the pictures on my computer I realised the one I want was on my phone and the lead is somewhere on my desk, this should not be a problem but if you had ever seen my desk you would know it is!

on the plus side I found some photos of last time L and I made jam tarts, we use St Delfour jam as it has no sugar or junk in it and wheat free flour, so they are super healthy and yummy, but the best bit is the look on L’s face when I ask him if he wants to make them, oh to be a child and get so much pleasure form such a simple thing, he will be even more excited when I tell him that his grandparents are coming over and he can share the jam tarts with them.

Off to write my story now and then a cup of milky (oat milk) decafe coffee with husband and maybe even time to curl up and watch some TV together.


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