Dyslexic Writer

I started this blog to get myself writing and despite being absent from it for some time now, my sails were rather windless on the writing front, it has proved to have been a great jump point, I have now well and truly hurled myself off the hay bale (something I could never bring myself to do as a child, fear has held me back for many years but no more), I have set up a Patron account https://www.patreon.com/tanzispencer

And started writing a fantasy novel and ok my only patrons at the moment are my husband and big sister! But they are still two people who I have up to this point not let read my stories and in theory ANYONE could read my story now that I will be posting it on the patron site, very scary, I hope that soon I will have at least one none family patron as the reason I chose to put it there is the commitment to a stranger that I will write the next, and next and next pages of my story.

My sister has done a English writing degree and said that before writing my story I should spend 5 minutes ‘warming up’ and just write anything else, so I will now being doing more regular blog post again as well as my warm up to writing my novel.

Wish me luck and any feedback on how my patron page looks would be much appreciated (the opening line of the book is on there if you want to check it out)


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