Slow cookers, not just for those out at work all day


I have been hearing all about slow cookers for a while now, they seam to be the latest trend, I briefly thought it would have been handy when I worked in an office all day and never got home before 6pm but as I am now a mum and my ‘work’ is raising my two boys, I am always home at 4pm to make a healthy yummy meal for the family, well yes I am, but I am also pretty wiped and the boys are not in a play quietly by themselves frame of mind at that time of day either, so all my meal plans have been going out of the window, too many times has it been a quick turkey dinosaur and salad for L and then take away for hubby and I once he is in bed.
Not the happy healthy family meal times I always planned and definitely not helping with losing baby weight.
Hubby mentioned slow cooker the other day after spotting a fb post a friend put up for a stew that he thought sounded yummy and we suddenly realised this could be our health saver, I can cook the dinner before he starts work and I am most inspired to cook and then at 4pm I can play dotty dinosaurs with L and having kisses and cuddles with L and baby D.
I did some research before buying the slow cooker and went for one of the best buys on Which? And at £25 delivered, it has paid for itself in savings from not buying take away already, in fact the first day it arrived I made a really nice chicken dish and while it was cooking I thought if I had need to cook that evening it would definitely not have happened and hubby has said at least once since getting it he has thought about wanting KFC and then thought ‘oh yeah dinners is already done’
So now I am after yummy slow cooker recipes, toddler and meat loving hubby friendly, so no sugar, wine or vegetarian meals, please comment with any you have found\created, I would love to give them a go.


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