Crafts, party prep and homeschooling fun

Its been a few weeks since I last posted, two children and Christmas is not a combination for spare time to write, but is definitely a recipe for fun, lots of fun, Baby D’s first christmas, he was rather oblivious to most of it but as ever was happy cuddled up with mummy in the carrier, and even got to nap on his great granddad, L however knew exactly what was going on and loved it.

Strait after christmas we start preparation for L’s birthday, 3 years old, my little boy is growing up into such a lovely child, he started singing happy birthday the day before his birthday when I asked him whose birthday it was the next day and has been singing it ever since, when I asked him how old he would be he said “candles” but has since learnt that he is now 3 and is loving learning how to hold up his 3 fingers to show how old he is.

For party bags for his birthday we made upcycled Dinosaur crayons, L thought breaking the old crayons was just brilliant and was very impressed when I brought him back dinosaur crayons a while later, I found a few different blogs with instructions on how to make them and they all said a bit different so we kind of winged it and they went well but I think they should have been on a lower heat, will also try in the microwave next time, when we get it pretty much perfect (no burning smell or wax separation) I will post detailed instructions, but basically break up old crayons, put in moulds and heat on low heat in the oven for 10min, let cool and pop out of moulds.

The last 8 months since Baby D has been born has seen a lot of TV time and self occupying playing with cars and the like for L, so from tomorrow TV is a no no for most of if not all of the day, everyday, and I have sorted a box of more involved toys and games for us to do together, plus I want to be either going out, doing a craft or a “lesson” everyday, I want L and D’s homeschooling to not be just not going to school but them learning from and with me in fun and inspiring ways and 2015 the year that it really starts as this is the year that a lot of L’s friends are starting nursery and he is not, I would say wish us luck but I am so excited that just does not seem the right words.


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