Alternative advent calendar 21st Dec

My blogging every day did of my alternative advent calendars did not last as long as I had hoped but if truth be told it lasted longer than I thought it would.

I have kept up with L’s advent scavenger hunt, he has loved it so much, I am so proud that over the days he has shown more and more understanding about the activities being written on the card and has got very excited over them, it feels that he has learnt more about the idea of written words from this than when we have read books to him, I think maybe because of the complete lack of pictures he has twigged it is the words, whereas when we read his books he is so busy listening and looking at the pictures I hardly think he spots the words sometimes, I could be totally wrong on this and it could be a completely unrelated developmental jump he has had, but we have had fun and will definitely be doing it again next year.

I am working on explaining that advent presents and activities will end the day before Christmas eve (He will be opening Christmas presents on Christmas eve at my families).

My Christmas preparation has been up and down, I definitely need to plan better next year, I am thinking a white board with December drawn out will be a massive help, I actually thought Christmas was not till the weekend for last few weeks and got a nasty shock when I realised it is on Thursday.

I have been motivated again on my exercises, even though I ran out of ideas for my advent of exercises, Runtastic have linked up with Myfitnesspal which I also have linked with my Garmin Vivofit, this means that doing my squats and push ups on the Runtastic apps shows up as as extra calories I can eat, not that I have stuck to my calories! But I love seeing the exercise ones go on so much I have done the apps almost every day since linking them.

I don’t know where I will be exercise wise next advent, so I am not sure what I will do, but I definitely want to have an exercise advent calendar again, I like the idea of burning of extra calories before Christmas so there is no guilt and remorse afterwards.

I will be keeping up with L’s advent till Christmas eve but will not be blogging as Christmas preparation is now way to full on to have time, on the plus side all that running around has to count as exercise, right?


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