Alternative advent calendar 17th & 18th Dec

A surprise migraine hit last night minuets before I was going to start writing, I say surprise as I used to have them very often and had lots of queues they were coming, but since having L almost 3 years ago I have had nearly none at all.
Both yesterday and today were very slow starters, due to this when I did L’s advent yesterday I changed make cake to watch Christmas movie (The Grinch stole Christmas) and I have 1 eyebrow plucked! Really must find time to do the other, thank god I have a fringe.
Today I put £1 in L’s advent and his activity was to go Christmas shopping and also buy a present with his £1, we got a few gifts and L got a Spiderman cup with a straw (his £1 magically became £2).
I got all the gifts out once we got home after L was in bed and feel a little more sorted now.
Tomorrow I think I will give L a pair of Batman gloves, hope they will be cool enough that he wants to wear them and his activity will be either to go to the local children centre Christmas party or the beach, depending on how our morning goes, hopefully we will be a bit more get up and go tomorrow.
Christmas preparation is lots of craft present making and plucking my other eyebrow, maybe even waxing my legs, but I doubt that will happen.


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