Alternative advent calendar 16th Dec

So glitter glue caused immense enthusiasm when L opened it a while back on the advent but glitter paint was a bit flat, hmm, pretty much just a big pit of glitter glue, surely, well apparently not from a toddlers’ point of view, but he did get excited when we used the paint to make cards and Christmas presents.
Christmas preparation feels like I step forward and two steps back at the moment, did get some more presents part done but totally forgot to pluck my eyebrows, so will add for tomorrow and checking on delivery of a rather crucial part of the rest of the presents I find that the delivery company did not bother to try and deliver as the items were broken and the company will not ee send just refund for me to re order! So no idea if they will arrive in time now, arrrrgh
I did buy my Henna hair dye, lets hope that goes well, been about 16 years since I used Henna.
Tomorrows advent’s –
L’s present: Hot wheels car
L’s activity: Make cake with mummy
Christmas preparation: Pluck eyebrows, wax legs and start wrapping presents


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