Alternative advent calendar 15th Dec

Oops, missed a few days blogging, I have been ill, cold/flu type ill, nasty achy, high temperature and the like, not fun, buts definite proof my boys, in particular L, have such amazing empathy for such a young child, he has not got frustrated and has accepted lots of cuddles on the sofa or playing while talking to mummy sitting on the sofa and gave me lots of magic kisses to make me all better.

Exercise has been off the table completely until yesterday when I gave some squats a go to test how much better I was and today got some baby wearing in, with some unplanned toddler carrying chucked in for good measure, L activity for today was our first non crafty for a few days, bus ride with Grandma and lunch out, first time on a bus since he became very excited about them, L was happy for Grandma to hold his hand and pick him up until the walk home when, despite baby D being strapped to my front, L decided only mummy would do AND that he needed the potty (so no time to work through this with cuddles and explanations), if only I had a 2nd carrier it would have been ok, but free hand toddler and baby in carrier is not something I would recommend! But we did it and made it to the potty with no accidents.

L has loved his advent so much that I have decided instead of making advent calendar for him and baby D next year I will make them a bag each so I can do the scavenger hunt each year for them, I am planning on laminating a few cards for the activities we will do every year like make Christmas cards and wrap each others presents and write others as I go like this year. I will blog our adventures again as well.

I will also plan my exercise advent more next year, I hope to be back on this years one tomorrow.

My Christmas preparation is going ok, but a few things I am feeling a little behind on, husband is having a day of tomorrow so I should hopefully be able to get lots done.

Tomorrow’s advents:

L’s gift: tub of glitter paint

L’s activity: make Christmas gifts (can’t say more!)

My preparation: make Christmas gifts, pluck eyebrows and buy henna hair dye

Exercise: negative pull ups (I can’t do a normal one yet)


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