Alternative advent calendar 11th Dec

L enjoyed finding his advent present today and made eggs in his kitchen for me and also made daddy sweet corn soup and then presented me with birthday cake, I love watching my little man enjoying such imaginative play, he is so confident with how he wants things and so good at communicating it if you don’t understand strait away.

The day went down hill very quickly after lunch, I got ill and spent the rest of the day on the sofa with my boys so no making wrapping paper or Christmas food shopping done.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a more productive day, I have cancelled our going out plans for tomorrow so we can just chill with crafts and the like.

L’s present is stickers and activities will be to make the wrapping paper and also to use google image to look up Christmas pictures, he loves typing and using the mouse, we normally look at lion fish or pirate ships when he wants to do this but will go for a Christmas theme this time, nice bit of homeschooling activity as well, spelling, typing and mouse control, he has only done this activity a handful of times and already knows how to left click and use the scroll wheel.

My Christmas preparation will be Christmas food online shop and also to buy henna for my hair.


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