Exercise advent calendar 10th Dec

I wanted to write this as a separate post from now on, as I feel that I have been just been tucking it in at the bottom of alternative advent calendar posts and I really want to embrace this month, well 24 days, of a new exercise a day. I also have decided to do the 30 plank challenge that I just spotted on Facebook and use this post to keep me on track with my squats and push up apps (Runtastic apps, they are very awesome).
So today I did the bear walking up and down the hall, I don’t think this is much good as an at home exercise, it looks good on biggest looser but I just don’t have the space.
Tomorrows Exercise advent calendar is: Kettle bells.
Day 1 of the 30 day plank challenge, 20sec, relatively easy but I am pretty sure it will get hard very quickly.
No squats or push ups today, definitely will get back on track with them tomorrow.
I am still after 6 new activities if anyone has any good ideas.


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