Alternative advent calendar 9th Dec


We have had a lovely day today, we went to a local garden with grandparents today, lots of Christmas decorations (not a lot of plants!) and they bought L a few little presents that they gave to me for advent presents, I was super organized and took photos, but apparently they will not load from my phone, grrr, so I will edit this post tomorrow and add them in when I can get on my pc.
L’s present was a Hot Wheels toy car and he was very very pleased with it.
His activity was to wrap the presents we bought daddy and baby D yesterday, we used the wrapping paper he has decorated, again I took photos but you will have to weight, stupid phone.
I have written a meal plan for Christmas eve, Christmas day and Boxing day, admittedly not a low fat one, so I have also been able to write a list of what we are missing.
We are hopefully moving middle of Jan so need safety deposit and we don’t want to have extra stuff to move so to that effect I am not going to by anything that is not milk (oat or rice), fruit and veg or for Christmas I want to use up all those things at the back of the cupboard, so my meal plan and shopping list will hopefully help me only buy Christmas necessities, admittedly by necessities I mean bagels, pancakes and pickles, after all I want to save a few £ but not curb Christmas yumminess.
I found a video about how to do the side plank and managed it ok, got to love the internet for “how to’s”.
Tomorrow L’s present is a mini collide scope and his activity is to make wrapping paper, the stuff we made before looks so awesome I definitely want to wrap everyone’s presents in it.
I am going to do bear walking with L up and down the hall way as my exercise, walking on my hands and feet.
I must do some more of homemade gift prep tomorrow, very hard to write about this as I can’t give details incase my family read this, O am looking forward to writing a post after Christmas with details of the gifts I made.


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