Alternative advent calendar 10th Dec

I have decided to split my alternative advent into two posts from now on as I would like the christmas ones all together and the exercise one separate as I will be adding something new to it.

Today L found the advent before I really his it, clever little man found it when he came in my room this morning, in its pre hiding, hiding place.

He was very excited to tell daddy about it as we normally end up doing it just the two of us while daddy works I don’t think he knew that daddy knew about it, “look daddy advent present!”


The activity was to make wrapping paper and we actually did not get to do this because our play date with a friend started and then ended later than planned, but L had a lovely time and even helped them decorate their christmas tree, so he was more than happy for that to be his advent activity and we will make the wrapping paper tomorrow. I am definitely planning on doing a special Christmas activity advent for the boys every year, we have had so much fun with it so far.
My Christmas preparation was to work on some of my homemade gifts, well I had some awesome news, the items I needed to buy were back in stock so I have ordered them and will be doing a little crocheting in a few minutes while I get baby D to sleep.
My Christmas preparation for tomorrow will be to order the last bits of food I need for our Christmas meal plan and ordering the boys some socks and slippers.


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