Alternative Advent Calendar 8th Dec

The spinning tops were a hit, forgot to get a pic, been one of those days! L was very excited at the idea of buying daddy and baby D Christmas presents, by the time the shopping had arrived and L finished eating lunch it was a bit late to walk to town so we drove to the pound shop instead and picked up a couple of presents for daddy and baby D, L’s activity foe tomorrow will be to wrap them and put them under the tree, I am hopefully that if he understands they can’t have them until Christmas we may be able to put some others under the tree.
L’s present for tomorrow is a Hot Wheels car we got from the pound shop, I had to sneak it into the basket like a ninja while he was distracted, for got pic again but did get one of him opening todays
I had no joy with finding the items I need for the presents but did get some more crocheting done so hopefully I will get at least some of the homemade gifts made in time and I have had a possible idea for my sisters and brother, and I may be even happier with this than my homemade so things could be looking good again giftwise.
Tomorrow I will write a meal plan for Christmas eve, Christmas day and boxing day so I can check what I still need to buy.
I did my tricep dips, ouch! Next I think I will try side plank, I have never given this a go so first of I will be searching for a video tutorial on how to do it.
I hope to be a bit more organised with all of the alternative advent calendars next year but despite the addhoc and haphazardness of them this year, I am still very happy with each of them, I think L is loving them as well, it will be lovely too that D will be able to join in next year as well.


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