Alternative Advent Calendar 7th Dec


I was very pleased when L opened his advent present this morning he pointed at the writing and said “Make cake” ok so this is not what it said but it does show he, one understands about the activities, two understands that the words meant something and best of all he really liked making the cakes with me.
His activity was actually to go and see Santa at a charity Christmas party, so he was not upset that we were not making a cake today. I asked L what he wanted for Christmas and after some time thinking he told me he wanted presents under the Christmas tree, apparently the joy of presents is all he wants, I am totally with him on that, I love presents for presents sake, giving, receiving, buying or making, I’m not fussed I just love presents and it appears L takes after me on that front.
Baby D slept through most of the Christmas party but smiled while awake, L was a bit slow to warm up to the party, as it was very busy and had lots of bigger children, but after doing some crafts while sitting on daddies lap he got into it and had fun bouncing on the bouncy castle, he went silent when he sore Santa, but smiled for a photo sitting on my lap next to Santa and was very pleased at getting a present from Santa, he greatly enjoyed telling me about it all day.
My Christmas prep did not go well, the extra bits I needed to order are out of stock and I have no idea how I can make the presents now as I can’t find them anywhere else, I almost bought them a few days ago but got distracted, never try and use a computer with a toddler in the room, so I am rather stressed over Christmas presents now, will have to see if anywhere in town sells them tomorrow, or come up with a new idea.
I did my jumping jacks and lunges, literally just before getting baby D ready for bed and then starting writing, so a definite that if I had not been blogging this then I would not have done them, so thank you to everyone who has read my blog, every view has spurred me on to continue.
Tomorrow I will be doing tricep dips, trying to source the missing items for my homemade gifts, or coming up with a new idea!
L’s gift will be mini spinning tops and activity will be Christmas shopping for a present foe daddy and baby D, I will have to wrap his present in the morning as ran out of time this evening, so unfortunately I have no pictures to include in this post.


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