Alternative Advent Calendar 6th Dec


The foam stickers were a hit and L made some more christmas cards and put some in his sticker book


he also very cutely pretended to pick the flower stickers from the page and gave them to me to smell and then pretended to be a bee and eat them to make honey, which really impressed me as we mention bees making honey from flowers when he sees a bee but I had not realised he had taken it in that much, will try to get hold of a documentary on bees for us to watch, I think he will love watching them and buzzing together and it will give me the information I need to follow-up on the bees making honey theme, as to be honest I don’t know enough about the process to say more than I have “Bees make honey from flowers” this is the kind of homeschooling project progression I want to do with him, he shows an interest in a topic and we then look into it and without having to set times for spelling, writing and art, he will do all these things and more while we look into bees.

I digress though, L’s advent present was the only one we really managed today, his activity we never got as far as me even telling him about, it was meant to be the christmas craft group but he took so long eating lunch we did not have time to get to it, but we had already had our own craft session earlier so not to bad.

I was meant to sort through what presents we already had and do kettle bells, both things that I could not do with the boys and husband has a deadline looming so he was not able to stop work this evening and so I could not do either.

I did manage a little crocheting christmas presents, I do mean a little, while Baby D tried to crawl, poor little man was having fun for a few minuets but got fed up when he realised he was just getting further and further away from his goal ans he kept pushing himself backwards.

Luckily missing the kettle bells today was not as bad as it could have been fitness wise, as I took L to gymnastics in the morning and was jumping in the foam pit and rolling round it to encourage him with it so I got quite a lot of exercise myself.

Tomorrow L’s present is balloons


and activity is to visit santa


So excited, we took him to see reindeer and santa drive by but did not take him to actually visit santa as we did not think he would understand last year and the que was huge, so this is his first time and it is a charity party and when you booked tickets they took the age of the child so that they each get an age appropriate gift when they see him, plus there is a bouncy castle and food and goody bags and husband is taking the day of (working in the evening after boys are asleep to make up for it, poor daddy) so it will be a lovely day.

For my christmas preparation tomorrow I will order a few more bits I need for homemade presents.

and for exercise I will Jumping Jacks and Lunges to make up for not doing kettle bells today, I will have to leave them until husband has met his deadlines and can take an evening off again.

I am really stuck on my weight loss at the moment and still have 6lbs to go, so close but feels like I will never get there at this rate. Any ideas for stick to healthy eating or burning more calories to make up for the lazy diet days would be gratefully received!


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