Alternative Advent Calendar 5th Dec

Very busy day today, both boys seamed a lot better but not fully kicked it yet.

L loved his pirate treasure present and was as usual amazing while having his hair cut, he seems very pleased with his smart new hair.

I did manage a quick run through of salute to the sun, but as this was not untill the evening after L was in bed, it was more like goodbye to the sun! glad I did though as I felt very tight in the calf’s and it has really made me realise I need to do it everyday to keep me flexible (ok get me flexible) and to teach L and D good habits.

I actually found out today that I could also use the cross trainer with D in the carrier as long as I went at a slowish pace, this should really help me make sure I get in better shape as I have no excuse now of him wanting mummy and no one else.

Very pleased with my hair cut and my hairdresser also said I should be able to put Henna on my hair despite all the chemicals I have previously used which is really good news, must buy some red henna dye and have a go with it soon so I have time to re dye it if it does not work out well.

L’s present for tomorrow is foam stickers that he can either put in his sticker book or make some more cards with, depending on how he feels, I think he will really love them as they are butterflies and flowers


His activity will be to go to a toddler group that is running a special Christmas craft event

I am going to be doing kettle bells as my exercise for tomorrow, that is on top of all the running about I will be doing with L in the morning at his gymnastics class.

And for christmas prep I will be sorting out what presents I have got and what I still need to buy.

Still after 6 exercises if anyone has any good ideas I would love to hear them.


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