Alternative advent calendar 4th Dec


Cuddles and kisses, that has been the theme of today, both boys are still unwell but as I had a feeling they would both be just wanting undivided attention again today, we scrapped even going for the walk to buy hair dye and I did not even try for housework, baring the washing, L was still unhappy at times because of not feeling well but definitely seamed to appreciate the chilled indoors day as all day he has been giving me kisses and cuddles.

L loved his advent present of craft pompoms and made christmas cards with them as soon as he opened them, after realising that they were really no good to through as balls, his first thought on seeing them!

I’m not sure if the activity part is now registering as its day 4 or if it was just that we made the cake together last week for the first time and he loved it but when I read him the activity he got very excited and kept picking up the toilet paper tube and pointing to the words and saying “Make cake”


When we made the cake at the point that L’s bits were done and I was getting ready to put it in the oven he went to go play with his toys and got half way down the hall, ran back and said cuddles and through his arms around my legs, my heart just melted.

tomorrow L’s present will be pirate treasure and his activity will be his hair cut, we actually have a few fun things for tomorrow, one of which is to go see grandma and grandpa but if I put that down he will get confused as we are going to a toddler group that we have just set up a sling meet at, first, so I am putting hair cut as he will be fine with the fact that is later not as soon as he opens it.


As to the exercise, I actually did get out of bed last night after Baby D was settled and did 15 sit ups, which I am actually very proud of, even though I was wanting to do a lot more, I am just glad I did any.

Today was push ups and I did 28, I am still doing the easy version but hopefully if I get back into doing them I will be able to do a full one soon and build up from there.

I need some ideas for exercises so I can achieve the different exercise each day of advent, I am 6 short at the moment, so please leave me a comment with some suggestions.

tomorrow I am going to do Yoga, I will do salute to the sun, L sometimes copies me if I have been doing it every day, which I have not for a while, so I would like to get back into doing this every day.

I did not do the painting for the craft christmas presents but did get some of the crotchet for christmas presents done, I am getting a little worried that I will not have all the homemade gifts done in time and do not know what I would give instead, hmm not good, think I will need to take stock in a few days and see if/what is really a possibility and maybe buy a few gifts as well.

tomorrow my christmas prep is the same as L’s activity, hair cut, will be nice to be able to see without hair in my face, no idea what my hairdresser is going to say when she sees I have gone bright red instead of the blond she last sore, after I spent ages getting it to blond from black! I really must stop with the hair dyes, I am trying to get rid of chemicals and despite what the packet said about oils and natural I don’t think it was at all natural, maybe I should use henna, but I think I can’t put that on chemically dyed hair, think I will add that to my christmas prep for tomorrow, find out if I can use henna instead of dye for my pre christmas touch up on my hair.

Little bit of a ramble there, but I will say good night and go and wrap up L’s advent.


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