Alternative advent calendar 3rd Dec

It has not been a good day today, baby D and L have both been feeling rough and so have both wanted undivided mummy attention, hmm two children, one mummy attention is divided and thats without house work and cooking, well housework went out the window and cooking mainly joined it! lunch had to be cooked with Baby D in the carrier and dinner ended up as take away.

We did manage L’s scavenger hunt advent and he loved his glitter glue pen, wasting no time in starting the days advent activity of making Christmas cards, its a good job I put this activity so early in the month as we will probably need to re visit a few times to get toddler attention span and number of cards needed to tally up nicely, and will also get baby D involved on a day its not L’s special advent activity.


My activity of painting presents did not happen, but at least I did find out that the trial ones I did last month have worked so will have to try this one again tomorrow and to try and catch up I will also buy the hair dye I will need later I the month to touch up my roots and revive the colour (Bright red for the first time in a long while).

The sit ups also did not happen but I am still hopeful that if baby D finishes breastfeeding soon and settles strait away I might be able to do some before I go to sleep, if not I will do them tomorrow as well as the push ups I have planned.

L’s presents for tomorrow will be pompoms (those little craft ones) we will makes some more cards with them but his actual advent activity will be to make a banana and date cake, I will at some point post the recipe to this as it is gorgeous, easy and healthy.

I hope my boys at both happier tomorrow, it is horrible to see them unwell, the promise of helping make his favourite cake should definitely help L on that count and I have a feeling baby D will need to be in the carrier a lot tomorrow for him to be happy, housework is so not going to happen again (bar the absolute compulsory washing, reusable nappies a super but can’t fall behind on the washing to far when you have 1.5 in cloth!)

how are your alternative advents going?WP_20141202_002


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