Alternative Advent Calendars Dec 2nd

L was again exited when I said there was an advent present hidden and when it was the same shape and colour packet as before he though it would be bubbles again but was pleased with the dinosaur stickers he found inside, I don’t think he actually at that time (after breakfast) understood that I said we would be making cookies later


but when later in the evening I asked if he wanted to go and make them he was very excited and happy to add the ingredients and stir and decided to go off and watch “Frozen” with grandma and D just at the point he would not have been able to help as it was just about time for the oven, he also seamed very proud when I brought them in for everyone to eat and everyone was told he had made them. They were very very yummy and are almost all gone already!

We went shopping with Grandma who was visiting today and while out I got L’s feet measured and he is still 6.5F so now I can start looking for wellies, slippers and socks for Christmas and advent presents.

And finally to my excercise advent, well it is meant to be on top of my normally activity and it truly was today, I spent the day baby wearing D and then went to Yoga this evening and even though I did the plank in the class AND was naughty and bought KFC on the way home, I forced myself to go and do the plank for 40s just before writing this post!

So thank you everyone who reads this that extra bit of exercise/toning I just did is thanks to you.

So for tomorrow I will be working on some of the home-made gift for christmas presents (can’t say what they are incase the recipient reads this!) it is the painting part as it needs to dry so I can varnish it later after it is dried.

L will be getting a glitter glue and the activity will be to make christmas cards.

And exercise wise I will be doing sit ups, I really want to tone up and drop a few lbs so I can be totally relaxed over christmas AND not feel sluggish and down AFTER christmas.

Please let me know if you are following along with any of my advent calendars or doing your own.


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