Alternative advent calendars Dec 1st


I am so please with how my advent scavenger hunt went for L today, he got the idea straight away and started looking in far harder places than I would have thought, must hide it better tomorrow,


the bubbles were a hit and Baby D loved L blowing them for him, and they were apparently even more fun when Baby D was asleep and L was blowing them for me to chase and pop, absolute hysterics, definitely more fun than a small piece of chocolate.

The activity was to make Orange and clove decorations to make our home smell of Christmas, L was very happy to carry the oranges all round the store and even though he could not quite manage to push the cloves, he had great fun tipping them out and passing them to me and pointing to where he wanted them to go and smelling the finished decorations


My behind the scenes advent was to book L and Me hair cuts, I have message our hairdresser and we should be getting them done later in the week, just waiting to find out what day she is free to come over.

on the exercise front I did my squats, what more can I say on that, they are not fun but I did them, 65 over just under 3 min.

For tomorrow L is getting stickers and we are making cookies, I am getting the boys feet measured for wellies, socks and maybe shoes for Christmas presents and advent gifts and for exercise I will be doing the plank.

Would love to know if any of you did any alternative advent calendars today and how they went.


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