Alternative Advent calendar

Not wanting my two boys to have sugar, L is almost 3 and only has sugar very occasionally at birthday parties and the like and D is 6 1/2 months and wont be having any sugar for a long time, and for myself I am trying to shift a few lbs before christmas so chocolate advent calendars are out all round.

I started to look into alternative advent calendars what I found was:

£1 chocolate calendars

£10 posh chocolate calendars

£15-£30 Childrens Non-chocolate toy advent calendars

£35-£60 Adults Non-chocolate beauty advent calendars

Wow really not going to happen!

So I am going to blog an alternative advent calendar, three to be precise:

1) activities I will be doing each day with L & D

2) activities I will be doing getting ready for Christmas

3) A different exercise daily

For L & D I will be wrapping up a toilet roll tube each day in christmas paper with a little gift and a card with details of that days activity, then I will hide it for L to find in the morning.

My christmas preperation activities may cross over with the boys but more offten will be the behind the scenes sort of stuff needed to pull of a magic day for the boys.

And the exercise advent calendar is my way to try and burn of christmas day and boxing day food BEFORE I eat it and also to look my best in any photos taken over the holiday.

I will post each day with how that day went and the next days plans so you can follow along if you fancy it.

Tomorow will be

Boys and I will make Orange and Clove decorations to get us really festive in our flat, ooh I love the smell.

I will be booking Mine and L’s hair cuts for later in the week, got to look our best for the big day.

And I will be doing squats, not the most exciting but great for toning my problem areas.


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