No Shampoo but lovely hair


I stopped using shampoo and conditioner a few months ago, I was worried that my hair would be greasy but was determined to try it as I wanted to reduce the chemicals in our house as we have two young boys, I also wanted to reduce our negative impact on the environment, less chemical washed down the drain and less packaging being produced and needing recycling.

Far from being greasy I found my hair was too dry, I was using baking soda to wash it and white vinegar and camomile tea to condition it.

I also found after a while it felt like I had a build up on my hair from the baking soda that I just could not get rid off no mater how long rinsed

hunting round google one day for a way to strip the build up, I found no way to do this but I did find people talking about washing their hair with Rye Flour, it sounded pretty good, more nourishing than baking soda, if a little more complicated.

I tweaked things a bit as speed and ease are necessity for me with two boys and mound’s of housework.

The original mentioned adding alcohol and still using a vinegar rinse, however I have found all you need is:

2 table spoons of Rye flour & Water

really that is it!

Add the water to the flour to create a gloopy mixture, how gloopy is down to you, it does not affect the cleaning power just the application, for long thick hair runnier works better but short or fine hair may benefit from a thicker consistency.

I put the mixture on my hair at the beginning of my bath or shower and rinse out just before getting out, the amount of time does not seem to make any difference.

My hair is so silky my husband got rather bored with ne saying”Feel my hair, isn’t it lovely” bearing in mind that my hair has been dyed and bleached to within an inch of its life!

when using shampoo and conditioner I had to wash my hair every day for optimum look and feel and find this method exactly the same.

I doubt my written words can portray how awesome washing your hair with Rye flour is but to sum up in a few’

Silky hair, Chemical free, cheap

give it a go and let me know what you think of it….


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  1. Zienna says:

    I’ve got a long black hair and I only shampooed and conditioned it once a week. I cooked my own coconut oil and massage it before I wash my hair, it help me to mange it easily.


    1. tanzilc says:

      wow, so many questions, is your hair strait or curley (I find if I perm my hair it only needs washing once or twice a week), do you use normal shampoo and conditioner when you wash your hair? and finaly question I promise (for now!) what do you mean “cook your own coconut oil”?

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  2. Zienna says:

    Sorry, I mean manage..My cursor was too slow to catch up with my typing hahaha.

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  3. Zienna says:

    My hair got a natural curls. I tried straightening it but it went back to its natural state..I find some cheap normal shampoo and conditioner works better for my hair.LOL. It’s coconut milk or coconut cream, I boiled it until there’s only oil left on the pan.

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