My first blog

I have been trying to take the plunge and start a blog for a long time now, my reticence is mainly my dyslexia haunting me, I want to write, I have a lot I am passionate about, but writing is not easy for me, spelling is the hardest part, anyone who is not dyslexic will probably think spell check can sort this but spell check takes one look at some of my attempts and turns and runs as fast as it can, leaving behind nothing but a red line, ah the red line, so familiar, it was rand written on my school books and is now pixels on the screen by still that dreaded but accepted part of my writing.

I recently started micro blogging on Bubblews and still was unable to take that jump, but recently I went to my first ever gymnastics lesson and got taught how to jump and got over my inability to jump from even a small height on to a perfectly soft landing, so maybe that is why when I just read a blog post and spotted the WordPress link at the bottom I made the jump and started my blog, here and now.

I feel proud and scared in equal measures.


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  1. Zienna says:

    Welcome to wordpress. This is great. WordPress always tell us to check our spelling again and again before posting. If you make the wrong spelling and having a hard time doing it, just cross it out using the ABC cross-out-script. Then type the word again. Happy blogging. Looking forward to reading your blog.

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    1. tanzilc says:

      Thanks, so nice to wake up and have my first ever comment on my blog, yay


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